The Sandwich Spot Palm Springs is ecstatic to announce the installation and christening of the new Coke Freestyle 7000 machine, the first fountain of its kind in the Coachella Valley. Where else can you get a beverage with a “microdose” of cherry extract injected into your Minute Maid Light Lemonade? Modern space-age technology has finally come to 240 S. Palm Canyon Avenue! Come and enjoy an ice-cold refreshing Cherry Coke, a Sprite Zero Orange, or any of the 1000 permutations you can fathom for 2.25, or 1.75 with a sandwich purchase. Not since Tang or Ayds chocolate caramels has modern technology been so visible, so tangible and SO accessible. Join us and learn how to become your own soft-drink mixologist where free refills are not only expected, but are part of the American tapestry. Bottoms up!