No Ordinary Fixins

The produce is fresh, and purchased every morning.

When you order a sandwich, it is custom made, every time. You have the choices of the following toppings and sauces: mayonnaise, mustard, spicy mustard, green leaf lettuce, dill pickles, tomatoes, raw red onions, pepperoncini, which are sliced mild yellow banana peppers.

The Secret of Great Bread

Bread makes the sandwich! Dutch Crunch is the keystone of the sandwich Spot Palm Springs and is baked fresh daily in the shop kitchen. Purchased from a secret location somewhere north of Palm Springs, dutch Crunch originates from the Netherlands where it is called “Tiger brot.’ the crackly topping is made from a rice mixture which crackles during the baking process.

The interior of the Sandwich Spot Palm Springs bread is soft and dense, and the exteriors are chewy and crunchy. Other bread choices include rolls of sourdough, whole wheat and sweet French, which is often compared to a baguette found in Europe.

Superior Meats

I purchase the best meat I can find, without having to raise the menu prices. The turkey is sliced from a breast which contains broth and a small amount of salt, the chicken breasts are prepared with broth and a small amount of salt, and marinated in the shop’s homemade secret sauce.

Also available are pulled pork, pastrami, rare roast beef, ham, applewood smoked bacon, albacore tuna prepared in-house, homemade chicken salad, and 14-hour smoked brisket on Fridays.